Sangati workforces operations is a nationwide network of recruiting centers and extensive data banks. The Sangati network is anchored by an east Indonesian regional office and company headquarters in Jakarta.

The Combination of regional hubs with branch offices allows Sangati recruiters to span the archipelago and seek the most qualified candidates from Sumatra to Sumbawa and Kalimantan to Papua. With the advent of the electronic media and Sangati utilization of this technology, Sangati have proven capability in recruitment campaigns in Australia.

The Sangati Internal skilled trades personnel screening and selection procedure begins on receipt of the clients request for specific trade skills. Potential candidates are then sourced using The Sangati trades data bank, industry and trades contacts, and if necessary, advertising or direct recruitment. The candidates are then put through the following tight step by step process such as screening, interview and testing, evaluation, selection and pre-mobilization medical check-up.

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